Glasgow Asylum Destitution Action Network Resources

GLADAN Network Map

  • Download the Network Map – this leaflet explains all about the resources across the city, including food distribution points and free meals.
  • Download our general leaflet to find out more about Glasgow Asylum Destitution Action Network and read some answers to FAQs.
  • Download a list of major agencies in GLADAN to find out more about the partners we work with.
  • Download a Destitution Action Pack to find out more about destitution, including how to campaign and raise awareness.

External Resources

Videos on the situation of refused asylum seekers:

  • Living in Limbo – World Service Radio Documentary
  • Destitution: Our story – a short documentary highlighting destitution of some people in Nottingham, by the Nottingh Arimathea Trust

Websites with more information about refugees:

Books on the background to seeking asylum:

  • Song of the Nightingale by Helen Berhane (Release International) – re Eritrea
  • Where we have Hope – a memoir of Zimbabwe by Andrew Meldrum
  • The Tyrant’s Novel by Thomas Keneally
  • The Other Hand by Chris Cleave

Information on the problems faced by those in the asylum process:

  • The Book of Boaz by Dave Smith
  • Asylum in Britain: A Question of Conscience by Anthony Harvey (PDF)

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